What makes us extraordinary?
Our Approach
Jesus Christ is at the center of our community and a part of all that we do. This extends beyond weekly chapel sessions and Bible-based lessons. We incorporate prayer and God's Word into daily activities and your children's lives beyond the classroom.  In addition to strong academics, we emphasize your student's spirtitual growth in faith, prayer, Christian fellowship, and knowledge and application of the Gospel. Our goal is to equip students to become productive citizens and effective disciples, confident in their faith and ready and able to share it with others. 
The Lutheran Schools of Ohio recruit and admit students of any race, color, or ethnic origin to all its rights, privileges, programs and activities. In addition, The Lutheran Schools of Ohio will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational programs and athletics/extracurricular activities. Furthermore, The Lutheran Schools of Ohio is not intended to be an alternative to court or administrative agency ordered, or public school district desegregation.
The Lutheran Schools of Ohio also will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or ethnic origin in the hiring of its certified or non-certified personnel.  
For Admissions Information please call: ​(440) 235-2297 x 13