Cleveland Scholarship Program


The Cleveland Scholarship Program is a program offered through the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).  It allows Kindergarten through Grade 12 students, who reside in the City of Cleveland, to choose to attend a private school located in the city of Cleveland, with financial assistance provided by the program to help cover the cost of the tuition.  Through the Cleveland Scholarship Program a student may be eligible for up to $4,650 for grades K-8 and up to $6000 for grades 9-12 depending on the amount of tuition at the school you choose to use the program to attend. The amount of each scholarship will not exceed the actual tuition amount at the chosen private school. If the tuition is higher than the allowed amount and the family income is higher than 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines, or the student is in grades 9-12, the family may be responsible to pay the difference in the tuition or participate in volunteer service activities to cover the difference.  The Cleveland Scholarship Program only covers the cost of tuition.
Families will be responsible to pay for the cost of any additional necessary school fees. The fees and tuition at each school may be different. You will need to contact the school you are interested in to get more information regarding tuition amounts and any additional fees. You can submit your application at one of our Lutheran Schools participating in the Cleveland Scholarship and Tutoring Program.  Our staff will assist you to complete your application, collect your necessary documentation and will submit your packet to the state. The Summer application window is now open, however, the deadline is April 30, 2019. For more information about the Cleveland Scholarship Program please feel free to visit the Ohio Department of Education's website by clicking here .
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The following schools accept The Cleveland Scholarship and Tutoring Program:

 Lutheran High School East ● 3565 Mayfield Rd. ● Cleveland Heights ● (216) 382-6100 ●

Lutheran High School West ● 3850 Linden Rd. ● Rocky River ● (440) 333-1660 ●
Luther Memorial School Main Campus● 4464 Pearl Rd. ● Cleveland Near West ● (216) 749-5300 ●

Luther Memorial School West Campus● 12826 Lorain Rd. ● Cleveland West ● (216) 749-5300 ●
St. John Nottingham Lutheran School ● 1027 East 176th St. ● Cleveland East ● (216) 531-8204 ●
Holy Cross Lutheran School ● 4260 Rocky River Dr. ● (216) 941-2770 ●